DirectPCR Lysis Reagents 

Genotyping without DNA isolation


DescriptionViagen Biotech DirectPCR Lysis Reagents are a full line of single-tube systems for rapid, convenient, and reliable preparation of DNA from mouse tails, ears, yolk sacs, and culture cells. The innovative system developed by Viagen Biotech allows the resulting DNA crude extracts to be ready for genomic PCR for genotyping in less time and less hands-on involvement. (more)

The major steps include lysis using our DirectPCR Reagent, incubation for 45 minutes at 85°C, and PCR using 1 µl lysates. For a better look at the process, please refer to the protocols below. 

Detailed Protocols: Tail, Ear, Yolk Sac, Cultured cells. (MSDS)

Representative PCR results

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Proteinase K in Solution and Powder forms
A full line of stable and reactive serine proteases


Description: Viagen Biotech offers high quality, genomic PCR grade Proteinase K products in both solution and powder forms at affordable costs. Our Proteinase K products are free of detectable DNase and RNase.


Proteinase K Solution


5ml (20mg/ml) 



10ml (20mg/ml)


503-PK 25ml (20mg/ml) $445


Proteinase K Powder










507-PKP 500mg $310





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